Survival Accessories

Survival tin

BCB Survival tin

Flint and Magnesium block

Compact flint, striker and magnesium block,scraping the magnesium block shards of magnesium are produced lighting the magnesium shards by striking the flint which gives a shower of sparks, igniting the magnesium.

Fire lighting Flint and steel Military

The Swedish Fire-Steel one of the best is an Army Model and the largest model which is good for at least 12,000 ignitions.The Fire-Steel comes with ignition plate and instructions.Do not bring it back if you only get 11,996 lights.

Fire lighting flint and steel scout

Waterproof note pad

waterproof note pads

Wire saw

Single survival bag PVC

Emergency foil blanket

Chemical light sticks

Heximine Solid fuel cooker

 Emergency cookers.

Solid fuel refill

Double folding shovel

Waterproof bags/dry bags

Nomad hammock crusader

Crusader Nomad Hammock with flysheet and midge net

Hammock trecker

This is a  strong polyamide hammock with with a hanging kit and strong cord.
Easy to set up

Dimensions: 22x17x5cm
Weight: 0.4500

Hammock gear store

Hammock gear store

Water filter straw

Water filter straw.

Military Survival kit

Military survival kit