Multi tools | leatherman

Below is our range of Multi-tools that we have available, we have been supplying Multi-Tools in Glasgow for years and have a selection of the best selling Multi Tools including Leatherman..We have a good selection of Multi-tools and knives available for outdoor use, available in our Glasgow Store. These are ideal for those of you who go camping or are in the Military as the Multi tools have a wide range of features that come in very handy when camping or in the outdoors. With Leatherman,  Condor and Kestral being among some of the Brand names in Multi-tools as well as other no branded Multi Tools being available.

Leatherman wave multi-tool

The Leatherman Wave will tackle any job big or small. No fiddly issues with getting the work done as you can use it  one  handed.
Comes with 17 tools including a screwdriver and two types of pliers so you can save time with the right tool.
Compact sturdy and made with the finest steel. This is truly and amazing piece of kit and comes with a 25 year warranty.

Leatherman surge multi-tool

The Leatherman Surge is 1 of the 2 biggest multi tools, the Leatherman Surge is the tough guy of the multi tool world. Comes with the longest tool blades and easy locks  Fit with our largest pliers, blade exchanger, bit drivers and four easy opening  blades. The surge was made and designed for tough jobs.Made from Girders for tough work.

Leatherman wingman multitool

This Leatherman wingman will serve at you side and be a useful took in your box; i. A lightweight, compact version and pocket size. Comes with the new Leatherman's patented designed spring  jaws and one hand opening. It has 14 handy tools and crafted to the highest standards.

Leatherman Rebar Multitool

The new Leatherman Rebar Multi-tool is a favourite with Leatherman fans.Its been designed  to have pliers with strength as well as replaceable wire cutters. This has not been done before on a 4 inch tool. It has all the tool you need to get things done even the very tough jobs, but in a  more compact design. It's is a great one for the professional and layperson.

Leatherman freestyle tool

The Leatherman Freestyle multi-tool has been made to give power to the more compact tools.The outer  blade is quick and simple and when you use the pliers you will see how well it is  engineered.Great as a stand alone tool or in combination with other tools you use.

Leatherman ps style

The Leatherman ps style comes with spring action pliers, scissors, tweezers a file, bottle opener and mini screwdriver.
Great pocket toolbox.You can keep in comfortably in your pocket,handbag or toolbox.

Leatherman skeletool

This Leatherman Skeletool weights just five ounces, the Skeletool has 7 tools at the ready which are
2 types of pliers, 2 wire cutters, bit driver and more. The Skeletool is light and very functional

Condor Multi-tool

Harrier multitool

Pliers and Wire cutter.
Philipsscrew driver
Flat headdriver
Broad head driver
2.5cm can cutter
Bottle/tin opener
Wood cutter.
Belt pouch
Aluminium handle with rubber grips