Water filters and water purification pumps and tablets

Water filters and purification tablets

Portable water filters

Portable water purification filters  are small hand held devices that can be used survivalists. Military and anyone who wants clean drinking water from lakes rivers and rain water or where you think the water is not clean. These filters and tablets render untreated water from unsafe to safe and palatable drinking water.These water filters will treat safe water and clean out chemical additives such as chlorine and bad tastes but mostly as they are small can be use in remote areas.

Water Purification 
You maybe in an area that has lots of water but it can be polluted with sewage , run-off or pollution from factories. Even small burns and streams can be contaminated by waste from animals that can  happen far upstream.
In many parts of the World including the UNITED KINGDOM water can be polluted by bacteria or parasites from human and animal waste.

Bacteria and water filters  
Strains of E coli bacteria survive for a short time outside the body and will infect  new hosts.
Cryptosporidium spp or Guardia lamblia will  cause diarrhoea in some areas they are present and a water filter is essential for backpackers. Microscopic larvae can also be present and if ingested they can
become deadly and cause serious damage to the body


Water to go water filter and purification bottle


Water to go water filter and purification bottle 75cl


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Water to go filter


Water filter purification pump


Water purification tablets