Sleep Mats / camp bets

Adventure 1 have a range of Sleeping Mats and Camping beds in stock. Sleeping Mats or Camping beds are used by the Military, and people who enjoy camping and want a bit of comfort We are based in Glasgow, but you can order any of our products and they can be delivered anywhere in the UK next day.So whether you need a Camp Mat or Bed in Glasgow come and visit us in Dundas Street in the City Centre, just next to Queen Street station.
The self inflating Sleeping Mat is a popular choice with our customers, this is an ideal product for people in the Military or those who go camping.These Self Inflating Sleeping Mats do exactly just that, they will inflate in normal temperatures and it also comes with a special valve where you can  top up the air in the mat.They are lightweight and easy to carry and ideal for someone who needs a comfortable mat when sleeping outdoors.

Camp Bed


Compact sleeping mat


Camp Mat camper


Nato sleep mat