The Military have long used Bashas and in recent years have become popular with survivalists and campers.  The advantages of Bashas compared to traditional tents are faster and easier set-up, greater strength and wind resistance,light and small size. The Military use Bashas as a Military Tent due to the fact they are lightweight and easy to set up.Bashas are used for emergency and camping where a tent maybe too heavy to carry. These are usually hung between 2 trees and a hammock can be slung below for comfort and dry sleeping. Or this can be used to Shelter any bags and equipment you might be carrying. These come in camouflage and olive colours. They can also be used as ground sheets or a tarp. 


Kestrel Bivi Bag


Hawk Bivi Bag


Military Basha olive


Military Basha HMTC CAMO


Military Basha Camouflage


Basha Olive


Crusader Nomad hammock and basha bag


Cadet Bivi Bag


The cadet sleeping bag


Cadet System


Snugpak all weather shelter


Stratosphere hooped bivi bag


Snugpak Stasha


Snugpak Special Forces bivi bag


Snugpak bivi bag


Snugpak bivi bag