Snugpak Sleeping Bags

Snugpak have  developed their products to face up to tough challenges. The Army green range has grown as are result of the demands made by the armed forces for efficient equipment. Snugpak sleeping bags come in a wide range to suit all climates. Our range of Snugpak sleeping bags have been made using the strongest and tough materials which are lightweight but cans still be highly compressed. We say they are the best value and value sleeping bags on sale today.  They have been tested on all continents and in many different conflicts all over the world. The Snugpak sleeping bags are known worldwide as military bag leader. However Snugpak sleeping bags are now regularly use for those who enjoy camping trips or other stays in the outdoors. We are based in Glasgow and have a shop where you can come and see the Snugpak Sleeping Bags or you can order on-line and have it delivered to your house.


Snugpak The sleeping Bag olive


Snugpak The sleeping Bag Red


Snugpak The sleeper lite sleeping bag


Snugpak The sleeper lite camouflage


The sleeper lite purple snugak


Snugpak sleeper extreme sleeping bag


Snugpak sleeper extreme sleeping bag


Snugpak Sleeping Bags Elite 1


Snugpak Sleeping Bags Elite 2


Snugpakl Sleeping bags Elite 3


Snugpak Sleeping bags Elite 4


Snugpak Elite 5 sleeping bag


Snugpak Softie3 sleeping bags


Softie 6 sleeping bag


Snuppak Sleeping Bags Softie 9 Hawk


Antarctica Snugpak sleeping bag




Special forces 1 Sleeping bag


Special Forces 2 sleeping bag


Special Force combination