Ration packs/MRE/24 Hour Rations Packs

Army Ration Packs,24 hours ration packs all day ,freeze dried.Great for Camping,Expeditions and emergencies

All day ration packs

Superb 24 hour ration packs with loads of calories for a whole days hard slog.We cam give you rations for 1 meal, 12 hours or 24 hour packs

Freeze Dried  

The high energy menus are freeze dried ingredients and are made to suit the energy needs those wishing good food and very light. Just add water for a superb meal

24 Hour rations packs  

 The packs contain all you will need for 24 hours.You can add your a sweet to suit your taste or to add extra the calories for your exact calorie needs.We manufactured the Day Packs with those extra calories for tough expeditions. The extra calories added are needed in very cold areas and conditions and activities such as Rowing, Ocean Races, relief operations and for the  military. Army ration packs are used all over the world.Our standard British army rations packs has around 3500 Kcal. 24 hour packs are designed to provide enough food Kcal for a full days heavy duty activities.

12 hour day rations  

In addition to the 24 hour range we have now included main meals and 12 hour ration packs.We now have no flame heaters for special purposes that will heat your food without the need for a cooker. The all day or 12 hour packs would do for a day in the hills.The food and drinks in this pack can be added to suit your own taste.These are enjoyable ration packs for a hard days work in the outdoors.

Main Meal and MRE'S  

These are single meals and come in many different menu's. Can be eaten cold or hot. Can be boiled in the bag or heated with flameless heater