Goggles & Safety Glasses


We have a selection of  Military Goggles and Sunglasses which are ideal for those in windy dusty conditions as these glasses and Goggles are made to protect the eyes from the sun, dust and wind. We have Military Goggles and sunglasses in stock in our Glasgow shop which is located in the city centre.

Many Military units in Scotland regularly use us for Military Goggles and other accessories and we can deliver anywhere in the UK if ordered on-line.


Viper Military Goggles


Bolle Rush plus safety goggles clear


Bolle Rush safety goggles smoke


Bolle Cobra safety goggles


Bolle contour safety glasses


bolle silium plus safety glasses clean


bolle silium plus safety glasses smoke


bolle-cobra kit safety glasses with 3 lenses


The bolle Assault safety glasses


bolle x810 ballistic goggles


bolle combat safety glasses


bolle Raider safety glasses