First Aid Kits

Are you looking for First Aid Kits in Glasgow ? Adventure 1 stocks a range of First Aid Kits.It is  recommended that you have a first aid kit and somebody trained in first aid to deal with an emergency if you are camping or even for the home. Our first aid kits contain great contents and are made  for a variety of needs and budgets for civilian and military use. Our first aid kits meet the standards for Health and Safety Regulations. Our first aid kits come in a range of sizes to meet all needs in the workplace or outdoors. The lightweight compact kits are ideal for the treatment of minor injuries or in more serious accidents. It is a good idea to have one near you at all times and is an excellent gift idea. The larger kits are ideal for camping, cadet camps. All items are items are easily accessible. The packs are ideal for anyone such as, scouts, schools and groups such Army cadets Air cadets  combines cadet force etc


Military First Aid Kit


Midi First Aid Kit Red


Midi Pack Olive


Military Midi First Aid Kit Red


Cadet First Aid Kit

First aid tips
In an emergency, or situation where someone is injured, your actions can make a difference. Accurately assessing the situation and calling for help or providing basic first aid could save a life or reduce the casualty's recovery time. First aid training can save someone life. Call for help if you are unsure.